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The Taste Of Money
Directed by Sang-soo Im    KR | 2013 |

In a mansion on the outskirts of Seoul lives one of the richest families in the entire country. Yoon is the president of a powerful conglomerate, but it’s his wife Madame Baek that is really in control. Her personal secretary Young-jak, a handsome young man newly introduced to the world of power, deals with the families immoral – and frequently illegal – activities. He makes sure that the Baeks’ influential American business partner has supply of hookers and waits for his own opportunity to make it rich. But everything changes when Madame Baek catches her husband having an affair with their Filipino maid and exacts her revenge by seducing Young-jak. Young-jak however has secrets of his own, as he finds himself drawn closer and closer to Nami, Madame Baek’s beautiful young daughter.

But when the Baeks’ son is arrested and Madame Baek decides to further punish her husband by airing their dirty laundry in public, Young-jak is torn between his morality and a shortcut to a successful life. This companion piece to The Housemaid is another sexy and controversial erotic thriller from South Korean master Im Sang-soo.

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Angels Of Sex
Directed by Xavier Villaverde    ES | 2012 | U

A fiercely precise hip-hop dance troupe captures the eye of passerby Bruno on a busy Barcelona street – and when he’s violently mugged moments later, the mysterious and magnetic Rai (Álvaro Cervantes) comes to his rescue. Bruno’s girlfriend Carla (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, who played the beautiful mermaid in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster) can’t get ahold of Bruno on his damaged cel phone. By the time Bruno finds his way back to Carla some hours later, he’s already formed a solid connection with Rai.

A free spirit who lacks much connection to convention, the hyper-masculine, karate-instructor Rai soon makes a pass at the stunned Bruno. Completely bewildered by his own responsiveness, Bruno must ultimately determine how to be true to Carla, Rai and himself.

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Young & Wild
Directed by Marialy Rivas    CL | 2012 | U

Seventeen-year-old Daniela is obsessed with sex. But her self-proclaimed “pussy in flames” is in direct conflict with her well-to-do, strict evangelical family in Santiago, Chile. She finds an outlet by detailing her naughty ruminations and exploits on her blog “Young & Wild” to her eager online followers. She dates handsome and pious Tomas, but maybe Antonia, the really cute girl at work, is more her speed. As she struggles to balance both relationships, Daniela learns that having it all – sex, love and eternal salvation – is more complicated than she ever imagined.

Marialy Rivas masterfully directs her first feature, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival where Rivas and co-writer Camila Gutiérrez (on whose life the film is based) picked up the World Cinema Screenwriting Award. Rooted in a fearless and unforgettable performance by Alicia Rodríguez, YOUNG & WILD is a stunning, energetic look at family and youth culture in contemporary Chile.

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A Burning Hot Summer
Directed by Philippe Garrel    FR | 2012 | U

On a burning summer’s night, a sports car crashes headlong into a tree.

The previous year… Paul meets the painter Frédéric through a mutual friend. Frédéric lives in Italy with Angèle, the actress with whom he is deeply in love. While working as an extra, Paul befriends an assistant – Roland and falls in love with Elisabeth, another extra.

Frédéric invites Paul and Elisabeth to stay in Rome. He shows Paul a photo of the grandfather who raised him and, during dinner, introduces Roland to Angèle, who seems troubled by his presence. Later, in a hotel, Angèle sleeps with Roland. Time passes. Angèle leaves Frédéric.

Elisabeth falls pregnant with Paul’s child. Frédéric seeks a divorce. Paul and Elisabeth leave Rome. Elisabeth’s baby is born. When Paul meets Frédéric by chance in Paris, the painter tells him that Angèle and Roland have broken up. That night, Paul is woken by a phone call: Frédéric has had a terrible accident….

As he lies delirious in hospital, the ghost of his grandfather appears to Frédéric. When Paul arrives, the painter confides that the crash was no accident: without Angèle, life has become unbearable. Paul leaves, and Frédéric dies. On a burning summer’s day, in a small village churchyard, Paul watches as his friend’s body is laid to rest.

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Sexual Chronicles Of A French Family
Directed by Jean-Marc Barr & Pascal Arnold    FR | 2012 | U

Breakfast times where the morning silence is sometimes too heavy, where at dinner everything is talked about except sex, where the routine of a contemporary family is disturbed when Romain, the youngest son, is caught masturbating during Biology class filming himself with his iphone. He is going to be suspended from school. Romain explains to his mother that it was a dare the students, guys and girls, have amongst themselves, all for the fun of it. He just stupidly got caught.

Sex having been a taboo subject in the family until now suddenly becomes a real subject of interest and we become involved in the intimate lives of each person of this family, the parents, the 18, 20 and 22 year old children and the grandfather.

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