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BUCK Crosses $1M at box office, CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS breaks top 25 grossing docs!

Posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 by Lauren

This 4th of July wknd BUCK crosses the $1M mark, CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS breaks the top 25 high gross docs of all time!

Our friends over at indieWIRE have the details on these amazing numbers:


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    Ahmed says:

    September 18, 2012 at 5:34 PM

    Ira the true source and the sitluoon to the problem that you locate is buried deep in your article under Number 5, where you say most of the films they [IFC] distribute are foreign films that are generally subsidized by their local governments and budgeted on the basis that any income from North American would be gravy. The issue in distribution begins at the beginning of the food chain how much do investors have to invest in order to get a picture made, which then dictates how well a film has to do in distribution to recoup and then yield a profit. Other countries settled this issue a long time ago with national film boards, film commissions, etc. that finance films outright or provide deep tax and financing advantages to individuals or companies who put up capital. You should not be so accepting of the bloated status quo of the high cost of production, unreasonable talent fees and riders (see Roz’s comment), jacked up acquisition fees to cover the inflated costs of production, and the impossible-to-meet scenarios for distribution that would need to be achieved to cover all of these initial costs and then make money for the distributor. This economic model was specious (op cit your treatise on distribution that I reviewed years ago in your tenure bid at Columbia) in the best of times when distributors and exhibitors actually had control over the means of distribution and could at least tangentially maintain an audience’s attention, it is unquestionably impossible now for all of the reasons everyone in that small conference room in MOMA was gnashing their teeth about. The fact is, that the sitluoon to the production-acquisition-distribution-exhibition conundrum does not exist in past economic models located in New Yorkistan. You re a smart guy Ira. Think more expansively.

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