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Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2010 by IFC Films News

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Abbas Kiarostami’s CERTIFIED COPY has opened to sold out audiences at the New York Film Festival, even receiving a lengthy round of applause at its close on Friday night! Here’s a roundup of what people are saying:


“GRADE A! An astonishingly multilayered portrait of a romantic relationship that doubles as a commentary on the value of reproductions – and, thus, the cinema itself – Certified Copy finds Abbas Kiarostami returning triumphantly, after years of DV experimentation, to the realm of narrative filmmaking. From conversational scenes set inside a car to discussions being interrupted by pesky cell phone calls, Kiarostami’s hallmarks remain intact, as does his gift for canny, intricate plotting. … in the open, inviting visage of Juliette Binoche – delivering, in the performance of a lifetime, a stunningly raw, heartfelt portrait of excitement, longing, grief, need, resentment and melancholic mourning –…the director supplies incontrovertible evidence for his dramatically gripping, intellectually acute argument in favor of the unreal cinema’s ability to get at the real.” – Nick Schager

“**** [Highest Rating] This resplendently heady yet nimble essay film is effervescently structured around a man and woman’s thoughts about art, life, landscape, and love. …I feel haunted, elated, enriched by his wily and impassioned view of relationships as bodies in constant flux, of disagreement and individuality, and of the transformative power of a simple, sincerely felt timeout in a moment of bitter crisis, such as a tender hand on a shoulder, to remind a lover, however scorned, that they are still loved.” - Ed Gonzalez, SLANT

For his first feature made outside Iran, the director Abbas Kiarostami lets his elbows swing free in a shimmering romantic fable of second chances and eternal returns… The movie is a sensual and intellectual delight. Kiarostami’s calmly confrontational images play ravishingly with light, shadow, and reflections, and the actors virtuosically shift language and tone to match the director’s sly comic timing. ..Kiarostami suggests that the freedom breathed so headily in a world awash in artistic creation and intimate desire does little to liberate each soul from itself.” – Richard Brody, the New Yorker

Check back this week for an update on reactions to CARLOS and WE ARE WHAT WE ARE!


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