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A Murder in the Park


A jaw-dropping story of corruption and thwarted justice.

— Chris Barsanti, Pop Matters

Presented by Sundance Selects | United States | Jun 26th, 2015 | 92 MINS | PG13

Hours before his execution, a convicted murderer is pardoned and another man charged with the crime. But was the real killer set free? This gripping true crime saga sets out to uncover the truth about an infamous case that riveted national attention. In 1983, Anthony Porter was sentenced to death for the murder of two teenagers in a Chicago park. Sixteen years later and just two days before he was scheduled to die, Porter was exonerated due to the work of a group of crusading Northwestern University journalism students and their professor who claimed to have uncovered the actual perpetrator. Open and shut? Not quite, as A Murder in the Park persuasively argues that a shocking miscarriage of justice may have railroaded an innocent man and let a murderer walk.


  • Shawn Rech
  • Brandon Kimber


  • Andrew Hale
  • Shawn Rech