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A Spanking In Paradise

An IFC Midnight Release | United Kingdom | Aug 12th, 2011 | 94 MINS | NR

Newcomer Wayne Thallon writes and directs this award-winning scandalous dark comedy.  Young human rights lawyer Justin has a month to kill before moving to America.  Catching up with his family in Scotland seems as good of an idea as any—that is, until he finds himself running his uncle’s brothel.  In the underbelly of Edinburgh, Justin must navigate a bizarre world of half-naked women, angry bodybuilders, and scam artists that happen to enjoy a good spanking.  Starring new Scottish talent Andrew Hawley and Simon Weir, and inspired by Thallon’s own childhood, this film is sure to take you on one sexy, dangerous ride!


  • Wayne Thallon


  • Andy Maas
  • Wayne Thallon


  • Wayne Thallon