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Alien Outpost


One of the best sci-fi/action flicks I’ve personally seen in a LONG time…

— Matt Boiselle, Dread Central

Ticks plenty of boxes for bullet-pumping action with a satisfying shot of sci-fi tracer fire laser-lighting the screen.

— Culture Crypt

An entertaining, thought-provoking take on alien warfare.

— Cooper Copeland, Campus Circle

A gritty, brutal, realistic evocation of battle. An exciting new contribution to both war and science fiction genres.

— David Benioff & Dan Weiss, Executive Producers of Game of Thrones

An IFC Midnight Release | South Africa | Jan 30th, 2015 | 93 MINS | NR

Two documentary cameramen embedded in an army unit in the most hostile place on earth, an outpost surrounded by the last remaining alien fighters (Heavies) of an invading attack force. The world may have forgotten about the Outposts, but the Heavies are planning the second invasion of Earth and the soldiers are the only ones who can stop it.


  • Jabbar Raisani


  • Laurie Cook
  • Jason Newmark
  • Travor Engelson

Executive Producers

  • Michael Sackler
  • Julia Godzinskaya
  • Sophi Vickers
  • Will Clarke
  • Andy Mayson
  • Mike Runagall
  • Ed Fraiman
  • Adam Nagel
  • Jabbar Raisani
  • Evan Silverberg
  • Josh McGuire


  • Jabbar Raisani
  • Blake Clifton