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Bound To Vengeance


Has a pleasingly schlocky grindhouse spirit. Tina Ivlev is impressive.

— Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter

Brings new perspective to a tried and true genre.

— Fred Topel, Bloody Disgusting

A harrowing revenge thriller expertly directed by Jose Manuel Cravioto that refreshingly subverts the usual torture/porn shockers. Tina Ivlev is sensational.

— Dennis Dermody, Paper

An IFC Midnight Release | United States | Jun 26th, 2015 | 90 MINS | UR

This gritty revenge thriller tells the story of a young woman, Eve (Tina Ivlev), who fights back and manages to escape a malicious abductor. However, after discovering she may not be the only victim, Eve unravels a darker truth and decides to turn the tables on her captor.


  • José Manuel Cravioto


  • Alex Garcia
  • Daniel Posada


  • Rock Shaink Jr.
  • Keith Kjornes