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Cheerful Weather For The Wedding

Presented by IFC Films | United Kingdom | Nov 1st, 2012 | 90 MINS | PG13

It’s a gorgeous morning in England, 1932. A young bride, Dolly (Felicty Jones), should be overjoyed at the wonderful day about to unfold. But instead she’s locked up in her room with a bottle of rum daydreaming about the time she spent last summer with a wonderful man. A wonderful man who is not her fiancé.

Downstairs her mother Hetty (Elizabeth McGovern, Downton Abbey) scurries about the house trying to placate the arriving stream of cousins, aunts and assorted family that are beginning to chatter about the missing bride. Hetty has planned out the day to the final detail, but the one thing she can’t plan on is the arrival of Joseph (Luke Treadway), Dolly’s brash best friend, throwing everything into disarray. A combination of delightful light comedy, passionate romance and gorgeous settings make Cheerful Weather for the Wedding a a warmhearted joy.


  • Donald Rice


  • Teun Hilte


  • Mary Henely Magill
  • Donald Rice