Force of Nature: The Dry 2

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An IFC Midnight Release | United States | Dec 15th, 2017 | 78 MINS | NR

Following her husband’s death, grieving widow Abby (Jaimi Paige), along with her son (Toby Nichols) and best friend Jen (Alyshia Ochse), journeys into the forest he loved to scatter his ashes. As the friends wander the wilderness and reminisce, they’re struck by a rising feeling of dread: They are not alone. But who is the mysterious, silent stranger in sunglasses stalking their every move? Meet The Hiker (Claude Duhamel), every camper’s worst nightmare. Suddenly, the trio find themselves the hunted prey in a deranged killer’s terrifying game. The nerve-shredding feature debut from Sam Patton will make you think twice before venturing into the woods.


  • Sam Patton


  • Lauren Bates
  • Kim Patton
  • Mara Barr
  • Sam Patton

Executive Producers

  • E. Thomas Fernandez
  • Michael Murdock


  • Matt Anderson
  • Michael Larson-Kangas