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Made in China

Everything about this brilliant film is refreshingly unique.

— Leonard Pierce, Little Rock Examiner

A charming narrative against the backdrop of fads and their history.

— Levi Agee, Austin American Statesman

A post-modern screwball epic

— Thomas Jones, The Hollywood Reporter

You may never look at fake dog poo the same way again.

— James Rocchi, The Austin Chronicle

Ambitious and funny!...Turns goofball optimism into comedy and charm

— Richard Whitaker, MSN Movies

A droll, superb comedy...a frothy delight.

— Duane Byrge, The Onion

Presented by IFC Films | United States | Mar 15th, 2009 | 87 MINS | NR

Slinkys, Pet Rocks and Ant Farms … behind every great novelty item is a great Novelty Inventor.

Co-written and directed by Judi Krant (in her directorial debut), MADE IN CHINA is a comedy about one such inventor, Johnson (Jackson Kuehn), a self-styled novelty inventor from a small town in East Texas, who is determined to bring his big idea – “a humorous domestic hygiene product” – to the world.

Johnson’s journey takes him to the Mecca of the novelty world: China, where anything is possible and everything has its price. Lost in the backstreets of Shanghai, Johnson discovers that it takes more than a million dollar idea to make it to the big time. It takes guts, determination, and a fist full of sneezing powder.


  • Judith Krant


  • James Choi
  • Bronwyn Cornelius
  • Judith Krant

Executive Producer

  • Monnie Willis


  • Judith Krant
  • Dan Sumpter