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With minute facial movements, Ms. Onetto can signal feelings that run from rueful to sardonic, while remaining tantalizingly enigmatic.

— Stephen Holden, New York Times

It's both funny and touching that one of María's favorite puzzles is an enigmatic portrait of Nefertiti. With her own enigmatic allure, María is the queen of puzzlers.

— Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

Presented by Sundance Selects | Argentina | May 27th, 2011 | 89 MINS | NR

Maria del Carmen is a forty-something housewife whose only concern over the past twenty years has been the well-being of her husband and of her now grown-up kids. But when she is offered a puzzle for her birthday, she suddenly discovers she has a very special gift: she can assemble puzzles really fast!

Intrigued by an ad “Looking for Partner for Puzzle Competitions” in her local store, she decides to live her new addiction fully, no matter how unsupportive her family is. Together with the author of the ad, a magnetic millionaire bachelor, she trains to the rules of the game, even if it means lying to her husband… Maria is determined to take things to a new level: she dreams of winning the national tournament and traveling to Germany for the World Puzzle Championship.


  • Natalia Smirnoff


  • Gabriel Pastore
  • Caroline Dhainaout
  • Luis Sartor
  • Natalia Smirnoff


  • Natalia Smirnoff