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The Angels’ Share


A crowd-pleaser.

— Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

Joyful…A heart-warming celebration of kindness, friendship and forgiveness.

— Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

Presented by Sundance Selects | United Kingdom | Apr 12th, 2013 | 101 MINS | UR

Winner of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize, The Angels’ Share is a comic fable about wasted talent and what happens when we are given a chance in life. It would be hard to see Robbie as a man worthy of redemption. He’s constantly watching out for a gang of thugs looking to settle a family grudge, his girlfriend is giving birth to a baby while her father offers him money to leave Glasgow, and he’s serving 300 hours of community service. But when Robbie meets Harry, the gruff but benevolent man in charge of his sentence, he finds a hidden talent for Scotch whiskey – and a new chance at life. For distillers the angels’ share is the whiskey lost to evaporation each year, and that little fact makes a rare cask of whiskey the perfect target for a heist. A hilarious story about second chances, The Angel’s Share is tender crowd-pleaser from legendary filmmaker Ken Loach (The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Kes) and screenwriter Paul Laverty.


  • Ken Loach


  • Rebecca O'Brien


  • Paul Laverty