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SUPERB! Crams more laughs into a few minutes than most films manage in an hour.

— Quiet Earth

An IFC Midnight Release | Belgium | Jul 1st, 2011 | 91 MINS | NR

They did it! They made a documentary on a bunch of vampires!

A family of vampires, bored with immortality, lives in Belgium, eats illegal immigrants, children, handicapped folk, and takes every advantage they can suck out of the country’s social system. Samson, a seventies throwback, lives his 55th year like he’s forever 20. Grace, an eternal teenager bent on being human again, keeps committing suicide. George, the patriarch, manages as best he can, heading the eccentric family and its on-going squabbles with the neighboring vampires.

It turns out vampires must keep to a strict code. They are, for example, prohibited from sleeping with their leader’s wife. That’s where Samson went too far… Now he and his whole family are exiled to Quebec, where even vampires have to work for a living!


  • Vincent Lanoo


  • John Engel


  • Vincent Lannoo
  • Frederique Broos